Getting Started With CrossFit River Meresey

Saturday Introduction session (FIRST SATURDAY SESSION IS FREE)

Getting started with CrossFit River Mersey is easy. Come down to Unit 7b Barclays Business Park, Wareing Road, Aintree, Liverpool, Merseyside L9 7AU on any Saturday morning for a completely free introduction session. There are no hidden terms or conditions and if you don't enjoy yourself all it has cost you is an hour of your time. These introduction sessions are designed for everyone at any level of fitness. You will also have the chance to meet existing members, see our facility and equipment and be able to discuss any questions or concerns you might have, and best of all you get to sample a CrossFit River Mersey workout!!!!! After your introduction session you can then choose the best option for you from the following:

On-Ramp Course

Once you've had your free introduction session and your completely hooked on CrossFit River Mersey : ) you then have two options, the first is the on-ramp course. This course is made up of Four, one hour sessions in a small group setting. These sessions take place every Wednesday morning(session 1+3) (05.45-06.45) and Saturday afternoon(session 2+4) (12.00-13.00) all four sessions need to be completed fully before you will be allowed to take part in the regular CrossFit sessions. The emphasis on the on-ramp course is on skill development and exposure to CrossFit's 9 foundational movements, sample workouts and CrossFit terminology. You will be taught perfect technique from the begining and how to move more efficiently and also gain advice on nutrition and get experience in olympic weightlifting, power lifting, kettlebell training, basic gymnastic movements and metabolic conditioning. The cost of this course is £40 and must be paid in full before completing your On-Ramp course.

Personal Trainer On-Ramp Course

Option two is the Personal Trainer On-Ramp course. This is a 1-2-1 introduction into CrossFit, over three sessions that suit your time and availability. One-on-One coaching is the most effective way to learn and master the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit for a complete beginner. You will be coached how to move efficiently with perfect technique. You will be exposed to olympic weightlifting, power lifting, kettlebell training, basic gymnastic movements, and metabolic conditioning and also get to sample workouts and also gain an understanding of CrossFit Terminology. You will be given nutritional advice and receive a health appraisal, this will be recorded and used to show your progress. The cost of this course is £60 and must be paid in full before completing your Personal Training On-Ramp course. This course can also be completed in a pair the cost for two people is £80 (2 people max), and must be paid in full before completing the Personal Training On-Ramp course. Get in touch to book the times and dates that best suits you.

                                                                                    1-2-1                                          2 people

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