What We Do

 Mission Statement

We strive to be the best CrossFit facility in Liverpool and Merseyside. To achieve this we have one focus; The pursuit of excellence!!! You will recieve the best coaching and we will keep our knowledge and learning up to date. We will help support and advise you in helping yourself become faster, stronger and more powerful than you ever thought imaginable. We will achieve this by coaching perfect and efficient technique that will transfer into everyday life. We will also help and advise you with your nutritional needs. Be Better!



We offer CrossFit classes that are suitable for any level of fitness or experience. It really doesn't matter if you are a new or experienced athlete, we scale load and intensity to suit you, plus you will be fully coached throughout the session. Your first CrossFit session is completely free, these sessions are available every Saturday morning at 07.00 till 08.00. After this you will need to book onto the Personal Trainer fast track option or onto the On-Ramp course. Both of these courses will give you all the knowledge, confidence and foundational skills you will need. Both courses are perfect for beginners, or those looking to brush up on their skills.

Open Gym

Open Gym gives members the chance to come in and work on any weak points, catch up on any missed workouts or work on their own individual programme.  

River Mersey Barbell Club

This gives members the chance to work on the two olympic lifts, the snatch and clean and jerk. You will follow a specifically programmed macrocycle that has been designed to maximize your ability to perform and improve your 1rm on these lifts.   

Personal Training

We are also a Personal Training studio that can accomodate 1-2-1 personal training or private small group sessions. With this you will have your own personalised programme designed around your needs and goals. You will complete a needs analysis, receive nutritional advice and regular health appraisals to show your progress. We also use video analysis to breakdown and show you your technique, posture and movement patterns. These sessions can be booked on an individual basis, or as block bookings (discount available). Get in touch to book your session at a time and date that suits you.

Strength and Conditioning

We can also cater for sport teams / clubs or individual athletes, regardless of the sport. Strength and conditioning is a massive part of sport these days from the elite level down to the grass roots. We can design and coach you through an individualised training programme that is guaranteed to get you in the shape of your life, you will be faster, stronger and more powerful than ever. You will have regular appraisals to show progress and have your results graphed to show strengths, weaknesses and plateaus. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get better at their sport.

Olympic Lifts

You will be coached by a level 2 British weightlifting club coach. Every detail of your technique will be analysied and your weak points will be targeted. We will work on a 1-2-1 basis or small group setting to ensure you receive the best coaching available. Our attention to detail is second to none and this is shown in our coaching of the two Olympic lifts. We ensure you, we will find the little 1% improvements that can be made, to make you a better athlete.  If you are new to Olympic lifts, we can provide you with a beginners personalised programme, that will ease you into the lifts and gradually progress with intensity. These two lifts, the snatch and clean and jerk, are unrivalled in their ability at producing speed, power, strength, balance, agility, and accuracy. Sound familiar ?! :-) These sessions can only be booked in blocks of four at a cost of £60 per 4 sessions.

About The Coach


Kev Hulse


Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Level 2 Gym instructor

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Nutritional Advisor

Health Appraisal Specialist

Exercise Refferal Specialist

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Level 1 British weightlifting Coach 

Level 2 British weightlifting Club Coach

I have played various sports including Football and Rugby, and have always been active I have ran marathons, half marathons and 10k's. I have also completed three peaks challenges and other mountain challenges. My passion though is CrossFit, and now coaching it to others to help them become more active, healthier and better people.